Dr Amanda Clacy


Research Fellow

Contact: aclacy@usc.edu.au

Amanda Clacy began working as a psychology tutor and researcher at USC after completing her psychology undergraduate degree with honors in 2011.  From the outset of her PhD project, titled ‘The ABCS of Sport Related Concussion in Junior Rugby Union: An Analysis of Antecedents, Behaviours, Consequences, and the Sociotechnical System Factors’, Amanda aimed to apply her degree to improving how concussive injuries are managed in junior sport.  As an outdoor enthusiast, Amanda is an advocate for appreciating the balance between considering the seriousness of the risks associated with participating in pulse-raising activities, while also recognising the valuable lessons these experiences can offer.

As a member of the Centre of Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems, Amanda is a Research Fellow on projects which combine her knowledge on human psychology to various risk analysis and prevention projects including the ARC funded led outdoor activity injury research and rail level crossing projects. Despite only recently emerging into her career in human factors research, Amanda has been awarded a both USC HDR Research Award (2015) and had a paper describing her PhD research on sport-related concussion prevention nominated as the best student paper in the Human Factors in Sport and Outdoor Recreation track at the 2015 AHFE conference.

Selected Publications (see publications page for full list)

Clacy, A., Sharman, R., & Lovell, G. (2013). Risk factors to sport-related concussion for junior athletes. OA Sports Medicine, 1(1).

Clacy, A., Sharman, R., & Lovell, G. (2013). Return-to-Play Confusion: Considerations for Sport-Related Concussion. Journal of bioethical inquiry, 10(1), 127-128.

Clacy, A., Sharman, R., & McGill, J. (2014). Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Young Adults with Phenylketonuria: Associations with Biochemistry. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 35(6), 388-391.

Clacy, A., Sharman, R., Goode, N., Salmon, P. M., & Lovell, G. P. (2015). Responsibilities in the prevention of concussion in community rugby union. Procedia Manufacturing, 3, 1173-1180.