Elise Berber


Eise first joined the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems as a psychology honours student, under the supervision of Dr Vanessa Beanland.   A dressage rider for almost 14 years, Elise’s honours thesis focused on applying systems methodology to identify performance pathways in Australian dressage and potential barriers preventing talented riders from reaching elite status. After graduating in 2017, Elise continues to study within the Centre as a PHD student, now under the guidance of Professor Paul Salmon and Dr Vanessa Beanland.  Elise is extending and switching her research focus to her other favourite sport, football (soccer), with a specific interest in talent identification and talent development. Elise’s PHD will use systems methodology to map out what factors currently define talent specific to football, the psychological skills specific to football playing positions as well as  map  the  current  Australian football system in order to develop a deeper understanding of how different levels of the system impact player progression to elite level football.

 Elise’ Research Interests Include:

Talent identification and development in sport

  • Athlete motivation
  • Systems theory and the impact of systemic factors on individual talent development
  • Athletic environments and their contribution in facilitating the opportunities available for athlete/team/club development

Contact Elise on Elise.Berber@research.usc.edu.au