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Optimising people, technology, and their environment

The Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems was established in 2013 with the aim of developing a leading research capability in the areas of Human Factors, Sociotechnical Systems, and Systems thinking. The Centre was officially recognised as a Tier 2 research centre by the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2015 and currently comprises various academic, teaching and research support staff and PhD and Masters students.

The core philosophy underpinning the Centre’s research activities is the application of Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems theory and methods to optimise the behaviour of complex sociotechnical systems. A significant focus of the Centre’s activities is on translating research findings into practice – ensuring that our leading edge research has impact and benefit in the real world.

The Centre’s mission statement is as follows:

  1. We address critical issues within sociotechnical systems;
  2. We apply and extend human factors methods and systems thinking to conduct rigorous and innovative research; and
  3. Our world leading research supports individuals, communities, governments and industry to optimise practice, performance and safety.

Research themes

The Centre’s research activities cross the following five core themes:


The opinions expressed by the members of the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems on this website do not necessarily represent that of the University of the Sunshine Coast.

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