Organisational Safety


Workplace injuries and fatalities remain a significant social and economic burden. Recent figures show that well over 600,000 workers are injured per year in Australian workplaces (Safe Work Australia, 2012). The priority areas of research for the Organisational Safety Theme focus on the application of systems thinking theory to reduce occupational accidents. They are:

  1. Application of systems-based methods to generate new insights into workplace safety problems and solutions for injury-prevention;
  2. Translation of systems-based methods into practical tools for workplace safety practitioners; and
  3. Development of new methods, underpinned by systems theory, to understand workplace safety problems.

Current research projects cover a range of organisational safety issues, including incident reporting and accident analysis, worker musculoskeletal disorders, and accident investigation processes and outcomes. These projects cover a broad range of workplaces, including healthcare, mining, outdoor education, air freight and road freight transportation.

Current Projects

  • Incident reporting and accident investigation systems
  • Worker musculoskeletal disorders
  • Accident and injury countermeasure development

Key researchers

For inquiries regarding the Organisational Safety theme please contact Prof Paul Salmon 0754 565893,


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