Pia Sauer

Pia joined the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems as a Research Assistant in 2021.

As part of the BAT-RLX project team, Pia is primarily involved in assessing the safety of rail level crossing sites through coding road user behaviour (using Observer XT software), and contributes to communicating these findings to optimise road user safety. In addition to her primary role, she has had the opportunity to advance her research skills through involvement in other projects, such as the Safe Introduction of Autonomous Vehicles (SAVI) project.

Due to complete her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of the Sunshine Coast(UniSC) in 2022, Pia enjoys expanding her understanding of human behaviour and mental processes through the application of systems thinking and human factors methods as part of a dynamic and leading research team.

Contact Pia: psauer@usc.edu.au