Dr Gemma Read


Research Fellow, Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems

Transport and Infrastructure Theme Leader

Contact: gread@usc.edu.au

Gemma has worked and studied in the field of transportation human factors since 2006 with a focus on rail, road and maritime operations in a safety regulation context. Prior to this she completed undergraduate degrees in behavioural science and law. Her main areas of expertise and interest include the application of methods and approaches with a basis in systems theory to enhance safety in complex sociotechnical systems. She is also interested in how better translation of human factors research outcomes into real world practice can be achieved through approaches such as participatory design. She recently completed her PhD at Monash University which involved applying the cognitive work analysis framework, and a design approach developed during the research project, to understand pedestrian behaviour at railway level crossings and provide recommendations to improve safety in this context.

Gemma’s current research interests include cognitive work analysis, sociotechnical systems, and transportation safety

Top cited publications

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