Human Factors and Emerging Risks Symposium 2021

Our world is changing, and as a result, society faces several emergent personal, organisational, societal and global risks which threaten our health and wellbeing. Human Factors has a critical role to play in understanding and managing these risks. Our 2021 Human Factors symposium entitled ‘Human Factors and Emerging Risks’ includes a series of presentations from leading researchers and practitioners covering their work applying state-of-the-art Human Factors theory and methods in response to these emerging risks. Topics covered include the management of global risks (e.g. COVID-19) and natural hazards, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, control room design, accident reporting and analysis, and the development and validation of risk management methods. 

The research symposium is free to attend and will take place on-line via Zoom. Please use the link below to register:

Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 6:30pm to 8:30pm ( AEST)
Online, via Zoom Webinar
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Neville Stanton The quest for the ring: Redesigning the layout for all control rooms of the future
Paul SalmonEndgame: Human Factors and the management of existential threats
Gemma Read Beyond human-vehicle interaction: Identifying the system-wide risks to the safe introduction of autonomous vehicles
Nick StevensFrequent and fatal: Managing the risk of natural hazards in our urban environments
Lauren CoventonUPLOADS: A unified industry approach to incident reporting and learning for risk management
Adam Hulme A strong signal or lots of noise? A review of evidence to determine whether our risk management methods work in practice
Scott McLean Controlling the uncontrollable: Managing the risks associated with artificial general intelligence
Clare Dallat Leading at the front: Applying Human Factors and Ergonomics in practice in international education during COVID-19