Dr Clare Dallat

Phone: 0428 306 009

Email: clare@riskresolve.net

Originally from Northern Ireland, Clare joined the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems in October 2014 on an APA scholarship to study systems approaches to accident prediction methods. Clare has been a practitioner in the field of international Outdoor Education for 25 years and specifically works in the domain of Risk and Crisis Management. Clare directs Risk Resolve, a consultancy that implements research-informed, practical risk and safety management support for educational organisations, government agencies and regulators throughout Australia, North America, South East Asia and the Middle East. For close to twenty years, Clare held an executive risk management position with the Outdoor Education Group; a for purpose educational organisation that works with 50,000 participants annually on multi-day programs. It was this practical experience that led her to initially connect with the Centre; via the hugely successful UPLOADS project where Clare serves as a Partner Investigator on the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.

In 2018, Clare became the first person outside of North America to be internationally awarded for her leadership, innovation, and service to wilderness education, receiving the Reb Gregg Award, presented by the International Wilderness Risk Management Conference. In 2019, Clare won the Tom Provins Award for Best Paper at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia (along with Prof Paul Salmon and Dr Natassia Goode). She is an Industry Research Fellow at the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems.

She completed her PhD in 2018 adding to her MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from the University of Leicester, a BA (Hons) in Environment and Archaeology from the University of Wales, Lampeter, UK, and a Graduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership in Education from the University of Newcastle, NSW.

Research interests – Risk Assessment, Perception and Communication; Sociotechnical Systems, Elite Sports Systems; Leadership


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Best HDR Presentation – USC Research Week (2015)