Transport and Infrastructure

the light trails on the modern building background in shanghai china

The transport and infrastructure theme is the Centre’s flagship theme with a range of leading edge research projects focussed on the evaluation of road user behaviour, road infrastructure design and evaluation, the design of future vehicle and infrastructure systems, and the prevention of road trauma. These projects are underpinned by leading edge research infrastructure, including USC’s advanced driving simulator, the Centre’s On-Road Capability (ORCA), which is a fully instrumented vehicle supporting the naturalistic measurement of driving behaviour and performance, and advanced human performance measurement equipment (e.g. eye tracking, psycho-physiological measures).

Current projects involve Professor Salmon’s ARC Future Fellowship program of research which involves the application of novel systems analysis and design methods to better understand and prevent the fatal five road trauma behaviours, an ARC Discovery grant involving the use of on-road studies to assess interactions between different forms of road user and the redesign of intersections, and an ARC Linkage program involving the redesign of rail level crossing environments.

The long term impact of this theme’s contribution will be the achievement of new reductions in trauma in the transportation domains based on the adoption of new theories, methodologies, and interventions in practice.

Current projects

Key researchers

Recent publications

Stanton, N. A., Salmon, P. M, Walker, G. H., Salas, E., Hancock, P. (2017). State-of-the-science: Situation Awareness Models. Ergonomics, 60:4, 449-466

Newnam, S., Goode, N., Salmon, P. M., Stevenson, M. (In Press). Reforming the road freight transportation system? An investigation of Coronial inquests in Australia. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 101, April 2017,  28-36

Salmon, P. M., Goode, N. A., Spiertz, A., Thomas, M., Grant, E., Clacy, A. (In Press). Is it really good to talk? Testing the impact of providing concurrent verbal protocols on driving performance. Ergonomics, accepted for publication July 11th 2016.

For inquiries regarding the Transport and Infrastructure theme please contact Dr Gemma Read (07) 5456 5296,

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