Gig economy Reporting of Incidents Tool (GRIT)

Capturing road safety data from gig economy workers: Development and trial of the Gig economy Reporting of Incidents Tool (GRIT).

This project aims to develop and trial the Gig economy Reporting of Incidents Tool (GRIT): an incident reporting and learning tool specifically for on-demand workers. GRIT will be developed as a mobile app. It intends to provide a useful means to collect data regarding crashes, injuries and near-miss incidents for on-demand workers. The data gained will aid in developing interventions that address the underlying causes of road safety incidents and injuries associated with on-demand work.

Participation and Eligibility Criteria

We are currently not recruiting participants for this project. Please continue to watch this space for upcoming projects.

The research is funded by the Office of Road Safety through their Road Safety Innovation Fund program and has been approved by the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Ethics Committee # A211648.

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