Research translation

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The Centre has a strong focus on translating research findings to shape policy and practice. Our researchers are driven by a desire to optimise performance and safety in the real world through research impact. Recent examples of the Centre’s research translation include:

  • The UPLOADS incident reporting and analysis system is currently being used by close to 50 organisations across Australia. The led outdoor activity sector makes decisions on changes to policy and practice through the analyses that the system provides
  • Based on our research into led outdoor recreation incidents we were recently asked by the Australian Camps Association to write a response for the Australian led outdoor recreation sector to the coronial inquiry findings into the death of a student at a collage camp
  • Service Skills Australia recently released the findings from their review of the Outdoor Recreation qualifications, skill sets and units of competency in the SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package. The report includes a specific section on risk management, with a number of recommendations for the development of the new training package development in January 2016. In relation to UPLOADS and the new risk assessment method being developed by Clare Dallat, the report recommends:“That industry consider inclusion of the Understanding and Preventing Led Outdoor Accidents Data System (UPLOADS) in relevant risk management units and keep abreast of developments related to best practice outdoor activity risk management practices arising from this and related projects.” (p.29 – 31)