Sport and Outdoor Recreation


The sport and outdoor recreation theme represents an emerging strength and an area where the Centre is quickly becoming recognised for novel and innovative research designed to optimise sport and outdoor recreation systems.

This Centre’s sport and outdoor recreation research involves the application of human factors and sociotechnical systems theory, methods, and principles to understand and optimise sports systems (e.g. strengthen controls around corruption and doping) and to improve injury reporting, analysis, and prevention.

Current projects

  • Doping in elite sports
  • Concussion in AFL and Rugby
  • Distributed situation awareness in cycling pelotons
  • Performance analysis in soccer
  • A systems approach to running injury

Key researchers

Recent publications

Carden, T., Goode, N., Salmon, P. M. (In Press). Simply Complex. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science.

Mclean, S., Soloman, C., Gorman, A., Salmon, P. M. (In Press). Continental Drift? Using Social Network Analysis to Compare Goals from the 2016 EURO and COPA Football Tournaments. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science. Accepted for publication 31st January 2017

Hulme, A. Salmon, P.M, Nielsen, R.O, Read, G. J. M, Finch, C.F. (In Press). Closing Pandora’s Box: Adapting a systems ergonomics methodology for better understanding the ecological complexity underpinning the development and prevention of running-related injury. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science.

Carden, T., Read, G., Goode, N., Salmon, P. M. (In Press). Sociotechnical systems as a framework for regulatory system design and evaluation: using work domain analysis to examine a new regulatory system. Applied Ergonomics, Accepted for publication December 2016.

Clacy, A., Goode, N., Sharman, A., Lovell, G., Salmon, P. M. (In press). A knock to the system: a new sociotechnical systems approach to sport-related concussion. Journal of Sports Sciences, accepted for publication 29th November 2016

Neville, T., Salmon, P. M., Read, G. J. M. (2017). Analysis of In-Game Communication as an Indicator of Recognition Primed Decision Making in Elite Australian Rules Football Umpires. Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, 11:1, 81-96

Mclean, S., Soloman, C., Gorman, A., Salmon, P. M. (2017). What’s in a game? A systems approach to enhancing performance analysis in football. Plos One, 1-15.

Neville, T. J., Salmon, P. M., Read, G. J. M., Kalloniatis, A., C. (2017). Play on or call a foul: testing and extending distributed situation awareness theory through sports officiating. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 17:1, 80-103.

Salmon, P. M., Goode, N., Taylor, N., Dallat, C., Finch, C., Lenne, M. G. (2017). Rasmussen’s legacy in the great outdoors: a new incident reporting and learning system for led outdoor activities. Applied Ergonomics, 59:B, 637-648

For inquiries regarding the Sport and Outdoor Recreation theme please contact Professor Paul Salmon (07) 5456 5893,

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