Human Factors Methods


The Centre’s research and translation activities are underpinned by the use of a range of human factors methods. Centre members are skilled in applying the following state-of-the-art human factors methods:

  • accident analysis methods (e.g. Accimap, STAMP, HFACS)
  • systems analysis methods (e.g. EAST, Cognitive Work Analysis)
  • cognitive task analysis methods (e.g. the Critical Decision Method, Applied Cognitive Task Analysis)
  • task analysis methods (e.g. Hierarchical Task Analysis, Operator Event Sequence Diagrams)
  • situation awareness assessment (e.g. Situation awareness network analysis, verbal protocol analysis)
  • workload assessment (e.g. NASA TLX)
  • interface design methods (e.g. Link analysis, Layout analysis, checklists, usability assessment)
  • data collection methods (e.g. observational study, interviews, questionnaires, surveys)
  • error prediction and analysis methods (e.g. SHERPA, TRACEr, HET)
  • teamwork assessment methods (e.g. EAST, Coordination Demands Analysis, Social Network Analysis)