Systems thinking in road safety 

A complex systems thinking approach to road trauma This week our director Professor Paul Salmon gave an invited plenary presentation at the 2021 Australasian Road Safety Conference as part of a session on Systems thinking for future road safety (Zero by 2050). Paul’s presentation included an introduction to systems thinking followed by an overview of his recently completed Australian Research Council Future … More Systems thinking in road safety 

On-demand (Gig Economy) Delivery Rider Safety Systems Review

The aim of this research project is to describe and understand the on-demand gig economy rider delivery system in Victoria, identify the network of factors that influence rider behaviour and safety (specifically, crashes), and identify initial recommendations for interventions to reduce risk. This study has been commissioned by the Department of Transport and approved by … More On-demand (Gig Economy) Delivery Rider Safety Systems Review

2021 Symposium!

Human Factors and Emerging Risks Symposium. Our world is changing, and as a result, society faces several emergent personal, organisational, societal and global risks which threaten our health and wellbeing. Human Factors has a critical role to play in understanding and managing these risks. Our 2021 Human Factors symposium entitled ‘Human Factors and Emerging Risks’ includes a series of presentations from leading … More 2021 Symposium!

Centre Newsletter.

We are delighted to share our Centre Newsletter first issue, which shares the latest HFE research and industry innovations from the world’s leading HFE researchers and industry representatives. Enjoy!

Systems Thinking in Football Webinar recording

The inaugural Systems Thinking in Football Webinar included a series of presentations on the application of systems thinking to understand and optimise football. The webinar was a huge success. We were overwhelmed by the number of registrations, and we would sincerely like to thank all of those who registered and attended. In total, we had … More Systems Thinking in Football Webinar recording