Research Symposiums

Human Factors 2020: At the Cutting Edge.

Wow what a fantastic 3 day event February 10-12th 2020!

Big thanks to all those involved in the planning and organising, and thank you to all our guest speakers and attendees. I think everyone can agree that our Symposium was full of interesting international and domestic guest speakers and workshops specialising in a range of Human Factors Methods.

Keep an eye on this site for the 2021 Symposium details to come shortly.

group photo 2


Prof Neville Stanton: Models and Methods for Collision Analysis.

Models and methods for collision analysis

Dr Gemma Read: Walking and riding on the wild side.

Gemma Read – Walking and riding on the wild side

Dr Clare Dallat:  Don’t forget us! The challenges and opportunities in applying Human factors approaches in practice. 

Clare Dallat_don’t forget us!

Dr Sharon Newham: Systems thinking in action: Preventing patient handling injuries.

Sharon Newman_Systems thinking in action

Dr Nicholas Stevens: Human habitats and human factors: Optimising health, safety  and efficiency in the design and development of the cities we need.

Nicholas Stevens_Human habitats and human factors