On Road Capability (ORCA)


The Centre’s On-Road CApability (ORCA) supports our leading edge research into driver cognition and behaviour, road infrastructure design, and interactions between different forms of road users (e.g., drivers and cyclists, drivers and motorcyclists).

ORCA is a Ford Focus 2.0L Trend sedan that is instrumented with Racelogic video VBox pro, giving it the following data collection capabilities:

  • 4 HD Cameras + audio recording;
  • Real time data overlaid on video;
  • Acquisition of Vehicle data through CAN bus;
  • GPS position and mapping; and
  • Lateral and longitudinal accelerometers.

ORCA is able to capture verbal protocols in real time, synchronised with accurate quantitative data collected at 20hz.

Current research projects

  • Visual attention in driving
  • Investigating the impact of verbal protocols on driver behaviour and workload


For further information regarding ORCA, its capabilities or its availability, please contact Paul Salmon, +61 7 5456 5893, psalmon@usc.edu.au