Dr Scott McLean

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Research Fellow 

Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems

Contact: smclean@usc.edu.au

Scott is a sport scientist who has completed a Bachelor degree and a Master’s degree in sport and exercise science. For his PhD, Scott applied Human Factors and systems ergonomics methods to performance analysis in football (soccer), in a novel approach that has extended theory and methods in both research disciplines, as well as providing relevant practical applications. Scott’s role at CHFSTS is to apply and extend the methods commonly used within the centre to build the CHFSTS sport research theme. Teamwork assessment is a key focus for Scott, which includes understanding the interactions between team members, via communication and passing, and the influence these have on team functioning. Scott is also a successful football coach, which inspires him to conduct research that is usable for coaches and practitioners. Scott has also taught in several of the sport science courses within the sport and exercise science degree at USC.