Brandon King

 Risks and benefits of advanced neural computer interfaces.

Brandon is a PhD student at the Centre who is investigating the risks and benefits of advanced neural computer interfaces (NCI) with a Research Training Program scholarship. This project forms part of a greater Centre project examining the risks of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Brandon has previously completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Class I Honours. The thesis project was undertaken at the Centre, which involved the creation and evaluation of a novel risk summary sheet for a large civilian aviation company.

As an avid reader of science fiction, Brandon is fascinated with the implications of technologies that far exceed our current capability. However, what we once considered science fiction is quickly becoming fact. Unfortunately, it appears that the designers of these technologies are not accounting for their potential system-wide implications. Brandon’s drive is to support the design and implementation of these future technologies, such as NCI and AGI systems, to ensure that the profound benefits are realised for humanity. The alternative, such as being turned into a paperclip by a rogue AGI system, does not seem ideal. 

Brandon’s current research interests include:

  • Neural computer interfaces
  • Artificial general intelligence
  • System-wide implications of future technologies
  • Defence science

If you would like to discuss any of these interests with Brandon, please contact him on: