Dr Ben Lane

Ben - portrait

Research Fellow, Cyber Security

Contact: blane@usc.edu.au

Ben joined the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems in July 2017 as a Research Fellow in Cyber Security within the Defence, Security and Resilience theme. His primary focus is on applying human factors methods (e.g., task analysis, cognitive work analysis, event analysis of systemic teamwork) to optimise interventions in illicit dark net marketplaces. This role involves extensive collaboration with iDcare and other partner organisations to co-design research solutions to problems that arise in the rapidly evolving cyber sector.

Ben has had diverse experience in research projects, with publications in areas ranging from autism spectrum disorders to body image and mental health. He recently completed his PhD in psychology, investigating attentional processes related to body image, and has lectured in introductory psychology, health psychology and positive psychology.