Dr Nick Patorniti

Nick has over 10 years of experience as a consulting town planner in Australia and the Middle East. He currently holds a position as a senior town planner, Project Manager and Project Director as part of an international professional services consultancy company. Nick specialises in urban growth models and master planning design and has presented at conferences and facilitates intensive training workshops for government and private industry. His practitioner experience has given him a grounded understanding of the issues associated with current approaches to urban growth models and city design. To tackle these problems head on, Nick commenced his higher degree by research with the USC Centre of Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems and has been awarded an industry research scholarship. Partnering industry with the Centre and converging public and private industry relationships provides Nick a key insight and on-ground impact with his research.

Nick’s current key interests are:

  • Understanding the capacity and best use of existing or planned areas within urban footprints
  • Optimisation of main street and multi modal urban corridor domains by applying a human factors, sociotechnical systems approach to this complex problem
  • Geospatially represent systems by applying Bayesian network algorithms and geographic information systems

Contact Nick at Nicholas.Patorniti@ghd.com