We currently have active research projects covering a diverse range of problems across various domains. Use the links below for further details on our current set of projects

  • UPLOADS (Incident reporting and learning in led outdoor recreation)
  • UPLOADS II (Injury countermeasure development)
  • A systems approach to rail level crossing analysis and design
  • A new complex systems approach to understanding and preventing road trauma
  • Intersection design for drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians
  • Doping in elite sports
  • Concussion in AFL and Rugby
  • Distributed situation awareness in cycling pelotons
  • Incident reporting and accident investigation systems
  • A systems approach to worker musculoskeletal disorders
  • Systems analysis of trust and engagement in the dark net
  • Design of school environments to¬†optimise social and emotional development
  • Implementation and design of neighbourhoods that include small lot housing
  • Sociotechnical Systems and Crime prevention through environmental design
  • A systems approach to beach driving accident analysis and prevention
  • Urban planning visualisation