Research on the Effects of Identity Theft

Are you an older Australian who has been affected by identity theft? Do you want to help others avoid or overcome similar situations?

Research is being undertaken to gain knowledge about the effect that identity theft has on Internet usage by Australians, aged 55 and over.

It is important to understand this issue from the perspective of the individuals most affected, those who have actually experienced identity theft. We need to learn from the difficulties faced, find out what works and what doesn’t, where to go for advID theftice and how it affects confidence and trust in technology. The information will be used to help build useful resources that can assist individuals in their everyday lives.

The research has the support of IDCARE, Australia and New Zealand’s National Identity and Cyber Support Service and has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of the Sunshine Coast, ethics approval number S16867.

If you would like to participate in the research or want to know more please contact Judy Watson, PhD candidate at the University of the Sunshine Coast.


Phone: 07 5456 3762

Thank you for your interest in this research.