Ryan McNeilly Smith

Bioclimatic urban design policy for improved microclimates in the public realm: A case study of extreme heat mitigation in Queensland

Ryan is a planner and urban designer with experience in government, consultancy, and academic settings in Queensland. Ryan commenced a PhD with University of the Sunshine Coast( UniSC ) Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems in July 2021. In his doctoral research, Ryan is investigating bioclimatic urban design and microclimates, with a real-world focus on the development of urban design policy solutions to mitigate extreme heat health-risks in Queensland.

Ryan’s research uses sociotechnical systems and alternative futures methods to unpack the policy and climatic complexities of these topics. Ryan’s PhD is being supervised by Dr Silvia Tavares and co-supervised by Dr Nicholas Stevens. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Urban Design and Town Planning (Honours Class I) from USC.

Ryan’s professional and research interests are at the intersection of land-use planning and urban design, resilience, and disaster management. He currently holds a position with a planning, resilience, and adaptation advisory firm. Ryan has previously worked in government, during which he contributed to human and social disaster recovery activations across Queensland – leading teams to coordinate and deliver recovery event logistics in disaster affected communities.

Ryan’s current research interests are:

· The application of sociotechnical systems methods to bioclimatic design principles and urban design policy development.

· Climate-responsive land-use planning and urban design policy for improving microclimates.

· The application of alternative futures methods to land-use planning and urban design.

If you would like to discuss any of these interests with Ryan, please contact him on: Ryan.McNeillySmith@research.usc.edu.au