Samantha Jackson


Applying a many models approach to regulatory design for Unmanned Aerial Systems

Sam’s PhD research will use a systems thinking many models approach to identify risks across the Australian Unmanned Aerial System regulatory structure. The use of regulation to manage and control these risks to support safe system operation will be the research focus. A set of Human Factors Ergonomics models explicitly designed for complex sociotechnical systems will be applied to describe, analyse, predict risk, and propose interventions to redesign the system. Sam’s research is being supervised by Associate Professor Gemma Read and Professor Paul Salmon.

Sam is an Australian Army psychologist employed in the Psychology and Human Factors Section within the Army Aviation capability. Her work involves providing specialist advice on systems safety, performance and suitability in the airborne environment, occupational selection, incident investigation, and fatigue management. She has served in the Australian Defence Force for more than 20 years in a broad range of specialist, leadership, and management roles. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Deakin University, a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)(Honours) with Class I Honours from Charles Sturt University, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Safety and Accident Investigation from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

Her research and professional interests include complex systems analysis, incident analysis, risk prediction, and team & individual performance through a systems lens.

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