Tim Gill


Adelaide based but travelling extensively for work, Tim joined the Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems in 2017 to research factors that contribute to rapid team formation in high consequence, dynamic environments.

Somewhat ironically for someone who lives in a very dry and flat state, Tim has spent almost 20 years in either cold or high places (usually both at the same time) including time guiding in Nepal, PNG and New Zealand and 4 seasons leading field operations in Antarctica. Aligned with this, for the last 10 years he has consulted to teams working in high consequence environments to assist them with team performance. This has taken him to offshore drilling rigs in Libya, government operations in the Middle East and Heli-rescue teams in Australia.

Prior to commencing his Phd, Tim earned a Bachelor of Business Management, Graduate Certificate in Management and numerous industry qualifications and certifications.

Research interests

  • Rapid team formation
  • Dynamics of shifting team structures
  • Sociotechnical systems
  • High consequence operations
  • Team performance
  • Leadership

Contact: tim@lincolnlearning.com.au