Dr Tony Carden

Tony Carden has worked at many levels and in many roles in the led outdoor activity sector for over 20 years. Tony shares his passion for rivers, mountains and forests with his wife, children and anyone else who’ll listen. Tony has also been active in community groups, music and a range of sports. He’s very interested in the big picture and in how people can find solutions to the big challenges.

Tony is working toward his PhD by applying systems theory and methods to the regulation of safety in led outdoor activities. Through this research, he hopes to help find more holistic ways of regulating safety and thereby improve safety outcomes.

In addition to regulation and safety, Tony is also quite interested in the application of systems thinking to the following areas:

  • Global security
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Artificial intelligence

Tony’s recent publications include:

Not as simple as it looks: led outdoor activities are complex sociotechnical systems. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomic Science

Sociotechnical systems as a framework for regulatory system design and evaluation: Using Work Domain Analysis to examine a new regulatory system. Applied Ergonomics

Setting the standard: a systems approach to the design and evaluation of safety standards. Winner of Best Paper Award at the Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors annual conference 2017

Simply complex: are led outdoor activity systems complex sociotechnical systems? Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics conference 2016

Contact: Tony.Carden@research.usc.edu.au