Centre hosts UK Boffins

Professor Neville Stanton (University of Southampton) and Associate Professor Guy Walker (Heriot Watt University) are currently visiting the centre to work on a range of projects, papers, books and new ideas.

As part of the visit we recently headed to USC’s Dilli Village at Fraser Island to conduct some pilot work for our forthcoming beach driving study. Here is A/Prof Guy Walker driving along the beach whilst interacting with a variety of other ‘road’ users, including an aeroplane, a dingo, pedestrians, and other drivers.

Beach driving

The pilot work will inform the design and conduct of a major study on beach driving safety (for more details contact Dr Nicholas Stevens). See also Nick’s recent paper on beach driving.

Neville and Guy will be around throughout February – other projects that they will be working on include our rail level crossing design project, various journal articles, a book on Cognitive Work Analysis, and a new project proposal in the area of driving automation.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Paul Salmon

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