Report on Rasmussen-inspired analysis of led outdoor recreation incidents

We have just released our report presenting systems analyses of 12 months worth of led outdoor recreation incident data. The data was reported by organisations in the led outdoor recreation sector through our newly developed UPLOADS incident reporting and learning system. The incidents covered include injury incidents, illness incidents, and near misses.

UPLOADS was developed based on Jens Rasmussen’s risk management framework and Accimap method, and provides a systems thinking-based incident reporting and learning system for led outdoor activity providers.

The UPLOADS research program is a major collaboration between the Australian led outdoor activity sector, the University of the Sunshine Coast, and Federation University. The ultimate aim is to better understand and prevent the injury incidents that occur during led outdoor activities. Click here to see our valued project partners and funders.

You can find the report here

For further information or if you have any queries please contact Professor Salmon

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