Human Performance and the Intersection of Technology in Defence

Our director, Professor Paul Salmon, and adjunct member Professor Neville Stanton are spending this week and next week contributing to a seminar focussing on the role of human factors research in understanding and optimising future defence systems. The seminars are being presented by the Defence Science and Technology Group in the lead up to the launch of their Research Network for Undersea Decision Superiority.

Along with Dr Sam Huff, Paul and Neville outline their perspectives on the latest human factors research and the challenges that are present for human factors in defence. The seminar is being delivered in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Use the links below to register for next week’s seminars.

Melbourne, Monday 28th May

Sydney, Tuesday 29th May

Brisbane, Wednesday 30th May

Here are some shots of Paul and Neville in action in the first seminar in Perth!



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