Driver situation awareness and AFL concussion Psychology honours research projects achieve first class honours grades

The Centre’s first two Psychology honours students from the University of the Sunshine Coast have both achieved a first class honours grade for their research thesis! A huge congratulations to Ji Kee Leong and Katelyn Dawson!

Ji Kee used our driving simulator to examine driver situation awareness, in particular the ability of drivers with and without cycling experience to see and perceive cyclists in the road environment.

Katelyn used the Critical Decision Method along with Rasmussen’s Risk Management framework to identify the system wide factors influencing the identification and management of player concussions in amateur Australian Rules Football.

Both studies represent important areas of research and were a key part of the Centre’s program in 2015. For more information on either study please contact Professor Paul Salmon or Dr Natassia Goode.

Well done to Ji Kee and Katelyn and to the supervisory team!

Watch this space for publication of both research studies!


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